Rustic Tie Dye Aromatherapy Pouch

Lavender & Eucalyptus

Heat & Cold Therapy

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


100% Cotton and Natural fibers

Machine Washable


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Soothing and relaxing aromatherapy pouch is filled with natural contents and made from natural fibers, scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They are refillable and made to last long for many times of use and enjoyment, this making our pouches ecofriendly and low earth impact. For multiple uses, Pouch can be used as heat therapy by warming it up in the microwave and wrapping it around the neck or place it anywhere on the back/ body where muscle aches and pains occur.  Also, can be placed in the freezer and used for cold therapy on injuries and to reduce swelling.

Made from 100% Cotton and has a double bag feature, allowing it to be machine washable and refillable. Make your own refill or we have refills available for purchase.

Our pouches are filled to order. We mix in the essential oils right before we package and send it to you to ensure the longest lasting scent and shelf life. Keep in dry area away from moisture and water. When not in use store out of reach and away from small children and pets.

Heat Directions: Heat in microwave for 1- minute intervals until desired warmth is achieved. Enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils as the heat therapy eases minor pains. Please use caution and do not overheat. If you are pregnant or nursing, please inquire with your physician before use. Not intended for the use on small children.

How to Refill: We offer refills that our already premixed and measured for you or you can make a refill at home yourself. After one year of use or after essential oil scent has diminished. Pull out secondary inner fill bag. Pour out rice contents and discard in trash. Mix 4 cups of white rice and several drops of essential oils and refill bag. You can also mix in dried herbs of your choice if desired. Do not overfill bag and leave several inches of room at the top of the refill bag so rice and herbs can freely move around and disperse heat evenly.

Wash: Outer cover bag is machine washable on cold/delicate cycle. Dry on low or hang dry. If desired to wash inner fill bag pour rice contents out and tie up the cotton string. Soak/handwash in mild detergent with no agitation. Hang dry. Both bags are stitched with cotton thread, and made with 100% Cotton material.

Size: Aromatherapy pouch is one size, 17inch in length and 5inches wide. Sizable for most adults and comfortably will rest on the back of the neck and partial shoulder area.

Material: Outer cover bag is made of 100% cotton flannel and reinforced surge stitching allows for machine washable purpose. Inner fill bag is made of 100% cotton and tie string is also 100% percent cotton. All stitching and thread is 100% cotton, making it safe to heat in the microwave. Please remove pin closure after purchase and before putting into the microwave.

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