Oats & Honey -Lavender Bastille Hand Soap Refill

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All-Natural Bastille Hand Soap – Refill bottle with no pump dispenser 16oz

Oats & Honey hand soap refill comes in 16oz amber glass bottle. The pump top from your original bottle can be transferred to the new refill bottle and used again and again or if you have a dispenser you already love in your home our hand soap can be easily poured and transferred into another soap dispenser with use of a funnel. We’ve also used a easy to remove label sticker if you prefer your bottle to have no label displayed to match your kitchen and bathroom decor or to reuse your bottle for other purposes. Just peel the label and use rubbing alcohol to remove any access sticker and adhesive.

We wash our hands multiple times a day in the bathroom and kitchen, if you are using typical grocery isle hand soap you are most likely exposing your body to harsh detergents that often have synthetic lathering agents, harmful preservatives, and chemicals. That can not only be toxic and doing you harm but also leading to dry skin conditions. We’ve created an all natural bastille hand soap that you and your family can confidently and safely use that is cleansing and will nourish your skin.

We handcraft our hand soap from start to finish and do not source a soap base from anywhere else, so we know exactly what’s in our product.  A high amount of organic olive oil is blended with coconut oil to create our base. We add a small amount of sweet almond oil infused with chamomile to condition your skin and for its soothing properties. Enjoy the herbal infusion benefits of spearmint & rose tea, plant compounds that soften and nourish your skin. Raw honey that works as a humectant to attract moisture. Blended organic colloidal oats that softens and offers anti-inflammatory properties. We preserve our hand soap with the only approved eco certified organic preservative on the market, made from the ferment of coconut fruit. Making our hand soap completely all natural and safe.

All Natural Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil infused with chamomile, honey, organic colloidal oats, rose and spearmint tea, water, pure lavender essential oil, water, lactobacillus ferment, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract.

-Do not add water to this product for longevity, we use a natural preservative calculated exactly for the amount of water in this product. By adding water it could potentially allow bacteria to produce.

-If you transfer into a soap dispenser of your own please ensure it has been properly washed and dried and free from any water.