O.G. Alice

Take advice from the Blue Caterpillar, our Hempseed oil soap is a wonderful all-natural moisturizing antibacterial catalyst for healthy skin.




Honey & Oats bar 5oz

Gentle & Cleansing

While all of our bars are gentle and cleansing this one is the “Original” that started it all. Alice is a Bastille bar of Soap, high in organic olive oil and coconut oil. The colloidal oats give it a texture that glides over the skin, removing dead skin cells. We suggest using this bar directly on the skin to receive its gift of exfoliation! Enjoy the benefits of its herbal infusion of Spearmint & Rose tea, plant compounds that can soften and nourish your skin. Finished with the light scent of Lavender and raw honey that works as a humectant to attract moisture to the skin and soften rough, aged, or damaged complexions.

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, spearmint & rose tea, honey, sodium, colloidal oats, corn flower, and Lavender essential oil.