Garden Cucumber & Borage Soap

Soothing For Dry Itchy Skin

Moisturizing & Hydrating

Creamy Rich Later


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Garden Cucumber & Borage Soap 5 oz

Made with fresh Cucumber & Borage that’s homegrown and right from our garden! Cucumber & Borage puree is especially helpful in the dry season for itchy and inflamed skin. Organic Olive Oil and Coconut oil for gentle cleansing. Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins and moisturizing fatty acids for rough dry skin as it hydrates, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft with Its conditioning creamy lather. Scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade Lemongrass and Grapefruit essential oils this bar has a light and refreshing scent. The toppings of hand pressed dried flowers have been lovingly grown from our garden too!

Scent & senses: Bright & Refreshing

All Natural Ingredients:

Organic saponified oils of Olive Oil. Coconut oil. Avocado Oil. Cucumber & Borage Puree. Beeswax. Sodium. Lemongrass & Grapefruit Essential Oils. Topping consists of hand pressed Calendula, Chamomile, Black Tea Leaf & Borage Flower Petals.


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