Cucumber and Peppermint Bath Tea

A Seasonal item, made with organic peppermint leaf and cucumber peel. Homegrown right here in our great state of Michigan. Our bath tea includes a cotton muslin bag you can refill and reuse. Making clean up easier, keeping your tub and drain free from the herbal pieces in the bath tea but still allowing the Epsom salt to dissolve into your bathwater. You can also pour the bath tea into a foot soak basin and enjoy the herbal benefits that way too!




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Made with fresh cucumbers and mint leaves combined with Epsom salt to release tension in the muscles and baking soda to soften the water. Enjoy the invigorating peppermint essential oils we have mixed in to uplift a tired spirit and body. As a bonus peppermint oils are amazing for clearing the sinuses, making this a great soak for when you have a cold or stuffy nose.

*Please note peppermint essential oils are not recommended for use on young children, this bath is suitable for older teens, and nonpregnant adults.

We recommend 4-6 tablespoons. Spoon mixture into the muslin tea bag and tie up tightly. Drop it into your bath water while it’s still running. Soak, relax, and enjoy!


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