Cheshire Woods

Take advice from the Blue Caterpillar, our Hempseed oil soap is a wonderful all-natural moisturizing antibacterial catalyst for healthy skin.




Brazilian Clay Bar 5oz

Uplift & Revitalize

Protecting our skin from damage no matter what age and stopping the progression of aging is key in skin care. Don’t wait until the signs of aging start happening to take preventative measures! Our Cheshire woods bar will point you in the right direction. Recommended for facial use especially, this bar can also be used all over the body. Extra gentle for delicate facial skin. High amounts of Coconut oil are used in this recipe for cleansing properties. You can even wash your makeup brushes with it. The perfect balance of purple Brazilian clay to revitalize, remove impurities, and is shown to have antioxidant and anti ageing effects due to its vitamin content. We like using this bar in the morning, the bright scent of orange and peppermint essential oils will wake up the senses. For real it’s science!

Ingredients: saponified organic olive oil, coconut oil, purple Brazilian clay, sodium, orange & peppermint essential oils, calendula flower, orange peel, spearmint flake.