Aromatherapy Pouch Refill – Lavender & Eucalyptus

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Premixed and measured refill contents of organic white rice, dried lavender buds, pure therapeutic grade lavender & eucalyptus essential oils. Refill is for use in our aromatherapy pouches and not intended for any other use. Please keep out of reach and away from small children and pets.

Made to order. We add the essential oils & dried herbs at time of order to ensure the freshest scent and longest shelf life. Refill should last 6 months to 1 year. Keep in a dry area away from moisture and water.

How to Refill:  After one year of use or after essential oil scent has diminished. Pull out secondary inner fill bag, pour out rice contents and discard in trash. Use a funnel or small cup to pour in new refill contents. Tie up cotton string tightly and put inner fill bag back into cover, working it down like a pillowcase cover. You may need to shift the rice around in the fill bag to fit it back inside cover.

Packaging: Comes packaged and tied up with natural fiber twine in simple paper sack lined with tissue paper. All contents of package are recyclable! Does not include white cotton refill bag, that comes with original purchase of aromatherapy pouch.



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