To retain the glycerin content and nutrients that makes our soap so nourishing we use the traditional cold process method. Every bar we make is free from harsh preservatives, fragrances, synthetic lathering agents and hardeners that can dry your skin out and make certain skin conditions worsen. Plus, all that extra gunk in grocery isle soap has been linked to a slew of other dirty words like cancer, reproductive health issues, environmental pollution, etc.

Soap Care

Natural soap free from preservatives and chemical hardeners has to be cared for a little differently. For longevity keep your soap in a place where it can dry out between uses. Best if kept in a soap dish with good drainage. Pooling water is the enemy! Use your soap within 6 months of purchase to get the best skin loving benefits and most fragrant and invigorating scent from your bar, essential oils don’t last forever!

American Made

Proud to say handmade in the USA! Your purchase contributes to our little American dream and gives us the ability to give back in our community. Small businesses are the very backbone of this country and giving people healthy skin care options that work is our business.

The Cut

We carefully stick to our original recipes in each and every batch so you can consistently get the same sudsy results you’re looking for. We hand cut our bars in aim for 5 oz. per. Though we are not machines please allow for slight variances.


We list every ingredient in our soap and for a number of reasons! We are proud to be healthy soap and using real ingredients that are naturally sourced, never synthetic or artificial. Meaning we have nothing to hide and nothing to test! Keeping us cruelty free! We also list everything including our essential oil blends so you can find what ingredients your skin will love best and for those with conditions/sensitivities that may have to shop a little more carefully. Please feel free to contact us anytime about ingredient concerns.


Even as a small business we have big plans for the future as we grow! Plans to give back in many different directions to make a positive impact. We work hard to make the connections and are currently working with 6 other small businesses. We source some of our select herbs from local organic farms and also work with local beekeepers for our honey and beeswax. When you buy from us you are also supporting other small businesses.

Helping others grow on our journey is very important to us. We couldn’t do it without you and your support. Thank You. From start to finish we will keep our product values and continued commitment to give you and your family healthier options to live by.


Regulations set forth by the FDA prohibit soap and skincare companies from making health-related claims about beauty products. The information we provide is based on the health properties of certain ingredients we use in our products. I am not a medical or healthcare professional and do not claim our products have the ability to cure any existing physical or mental health conditions. We promote healthier options and natural substitutions that may help with certain skin conditions.